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_The Nitty Gritty Show_ is dedicated to sparking critical thinking and dialogue by providing a platform that promotes an exchange of diverse thoughts and perspectives. The show aims to be thought provoking, forward thinking, and solution oriented. _The Nitty Gritty Show_ airs each Sunday from 7pm- 8pm. The show talks current events both entertaining and serious but also tackles a plethora of controversial topics that brings taboo subjects impacting the Black community to the forefront. The hosts of the show are committed to promoting positive Black imaging; with hopes of evoking a counterculture for positive behavioral change. Each week, you will find yourself entertained, challenged and enlightened. The surprise guest and entertaining hosts makes the show an hour well spent. Tune in and don’t miss a show because when we TALK, we get down to the NITTY GRITTY!

From politics, to social injustices, to celebrity news and sports, _The Nitty Gritty Show_ has content for everyone and is a platform where solutions are presented and everyone is heard.


The show is directed and hosted by the great trio Katrina “KatNess” Hawkins, Chantay “Tay” Jordan, and Juan “J.DeCosta” DeCosta.

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Tay and KatNess met at Cleveland Heights High School in AP English class. The two kept in touch through the years via social media. After years of college, both Kat and Tay ended up in DC and rekindled their friendship through their love of social justice issues.

KatNess met J. DeCosta in 2016 at a workout class. Through conversation and friendship, the two became close through the realization of having similar commonalities and upbringings. Both share a desire not only to change themselves but also that of their community.

Tay, a sports mogul and savvy business woman, is the founder and CEO of The Black Juice ( [1] which is a platform featuring Black stories by Black Perspectives, monetized by Black pockets. She formerly worked at BET and CBS in production and advertising and she also has a background in journalism, as she previously wrote for Dime Magazine and VladTV in NYC. She is heavily opinionated and committed to social economic progression and unity in communities across the world.

Kat, a health and natural hair fanatic, blogs and has her own movement called KurlyFit, a platform to motivate women to get more fit regardless of hair type. Kat feels that while natural hair can be challenging, it should not be an excuse to restrict health and fitness from one’s lifestyle. Kat is also a singer- songwriter and has performed on BET as a background vocalist for various gospel artists.

Juan, a DC native, was known for being unapologetically conscious and heavily involved in politics in Tennessee where he grew up. Juan is a motivational speaker and poetry performer. Prior to moving back to DC, Juan developed a reputation for bringing people together through education, music, forums, and events.

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